Sending Money Through Smart Money Padala International Remittance Service

Smart Money through its domestic agents, that may include local retail stores, barber shops, convenient stores, pharmacies and small businesses and the convenience of access to cellphone transactions provide opportunity to reach most Pinoys for remittance transactions.

SMART Padala, is the world’s first international cash remittance service linked to a mobile phone. Now, sending cash from abroad to the Philippines has never been more convenient and affordable – and all at the speed of text.

SMART Padala is available in select countries through SMART Remittance partners: (Link: List of Foreign Remittance Partners)

How does Smart Padala work?

For senders abroad:

1. Go to any Smart Padala remittance partner.
Fill out an information sheet about your beneficiary in the Philippines. In particular, you must know the Smart mobile number / Smart Money number of your beneficiary.

2. The Remittance Center will transfer your remittance to the Smart Money number of your Beneficiary. * NOTE: if you’re using Smart Padala for the first time, your beneficiary will be assigned a Smart Money number to which the remittance will be transferred.

3. After a few seconds/minutes, the Remittance Center will confirm that the transaction has been completed.

For beneficiaries in the Philippines:

1. You will receive a text message indicating your 16-digit Smart Money number. Another text message will be sent to confirm that the money has been received through the Smart Money number.

2. To encash, go to any Smart Padala Center.

3. You will be sent a Smart Money card or you have the option to get a Smart Money card in any Smart Wireless Center. Using the card, you can withdraw cash in any Banco de Oro, Expressnet or Megalink ATM’s nationwide.

How to get a Smart Money Number?

For Smart Super SIM 3 users:
1) In your Smart celfone, go to Smart Menu and click Smart Money
2) Choose Activate Card
3) Enter your desired 6-digit w-PIN twice.
4) You will receive a confirmation message with your activated 16-digit Smart Money Number.

For Smart Super SIM 1 & 2 users:

1) Text MONEY to 343
2) You will receive a confirmation message with your 16-digit Smart Money Number.
3) In your Smart Celfone, go to Smart Menu, select Activate card and enter your Smart Money Number.
4) Name the card & confirm activation
5) Enter default PIN (123456) then enter your new PIN.


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